Never overstated, yet persistently present in the background. A pairing of modest wanderers converse composedly. Theirs is a solemn embrace, explorative and unequivocally sensory. Examining through advancement.

MAIKEL TAWADROS strikes a balance between rigid architectural shapes and genteel natural fabrics, fostering unrestricted movement. Each collection is a novel arrangement of expressive shapes, empowering genteel femininity. Textured leather, wool and lush fur surfaces appear juxtaposed alongside sleek silks and soft jersey. Substructures exist in a sense of marvel grounded on new techniques and extensive fiber research. Historic tailoring connotations and reverence to sartorial values, however remain the studios principal foundation.

The precisely crafted garments are toned in minimalistic shades, often developed from a black and white composite. Our Nordic atelier connects deeply to the seasonal changes, pounding natural elements and rugged surroundings. Inspiration is collected through scrutiny, precise interaction and the rearrangement of static objects. MAIKEL TAWADROS embarks upon a journey of mindfulness, slightly irreverent, always poised for the unexpected.

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